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Tom Trethewey tom.trethewey at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 7 08:38:44 IST 2008

To my question: What about those who prefer to say [I:]?Michael Everson asked:>Do you know anyone who actually manages to do so? Yes.>I am informed that every KK user either says [i:] (because of Unified Cornish) or they misunderstand the "recommended pronunciation" and they simply say [I].You are misinformed.>The SWF pays lip-service to this [I:], in fact ignoring UC [i:] -- which is objectionable enough.I do not find this objectionable, because in my view the pronunciation [i:] is incorrect in these words.  Nicholas Williams wrote (June 29):

>Dydh is curious. Tregear always writes <dith> (13 times) but <an Jeth> (6 times). This, among other things, makes me think that some bys/bes words had both an [i:] pronunciation and an [e:] pronunciation.
An alternative interpretation is that the word was pronounced [dI:T], and that the alternation between <i> and <e> arises because [I:] lies between [i:] and [E:].  
Tom Trethewey

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