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Owen is right, of course; but that does not stop us discussing what the sounds of Old and Middle Cornish were. This is done with English (for which there is vastly more material) and for other languages, and although there may be disagreement as to details, there is often agreement on the broad picture.  I do not feel that such broad agreement exists in the case of Cornish.

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2008/7/7 Tom Trethewey <tom.trethewey at yahoo.co.uk> rug scrifa:
>>The SWF pays lip-service to this [I:], in fact ignoring UC [i:] --
which is
>> objectionable enough.
> I do not find this objectionable, because in my view the pronunciation
> is incorrect in these words.

Properly speaking, there is only one verifiably correct pronunciation
for these or any Cornish words, and those are the ones transcribed by
Edward Lhuyd. He writes <ê>, indicating [e:]. We have no direct
phonetic information from any other period.

Oll an gwelha,

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