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I'd be interested to hear why you think the SWF is a disaster, Penny.Jon

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  Hello, I'm Penny Squire and I've been studying Cornish for a while,
  partly through KDL using Kemmyn and partly by looking at everything I
  could lay my hands on.  Unfortunately I have been in and out of
  Cornwall a lot over the past few years, so classes and exams were
  out, and conversational experience has been crammed in whenever
  possible. Hopefully this may change before long.

  I also have some UC and LC material which I picked up here and there
  and I have looked at some of the MC texts, so I am reasonably aware
  of the different spellings. I have not studied linguistics but have a
  smattering of languages and am pretty good at hearing differences in

  In my opinion the SWF is a disaster! I don't see how it can be fixed,
  but I gather that some believe that it may be possible.  I'm willing
  to hear everyone's views - which is why I'm here.



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