[Spellyans] Introducing Penny Squire

Owen Cook owen.e.cook at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 17:16:01 IST 2008

Like Jon, I'm interested in hearing your specific complaints about the
SWF. I suspect we all have quibbles or reservations about the process
itself, but do you have any particulars concerning the finished
project which you feel need to be corrected?

By the bye, ad hominems and personal insults like "mutt" and "big
ears" are looked askance at by the list administrator.

Oll an gwelha,

On 10/07/2008, Penny Squire <pennysquire at ymail.com> rug scrifa:
> Please bear in mind that for several years I have been to and fro between
> Cornwall and other places rather a lot, so have been less in touch than I
> would have preferred.
> Having said that, I have, when possible, been ploughing through any and
> every discussion I could access on what was going on (in addition to
> actually learning the language!) including Cornwall 24, as well as looking
> at George, Gendall, Williams and Chaudhri.
> From what I can gather the Partnership may have been following a political
> agenda of " let's fudge something, it means government money" - great for
> the boys and girls employed by Cornwall Council, not so great for the
> language.
> I'm not, however, discounting actual malice ("let's blow the money on
> conferences, pander to non-speakers, sideline Cornish speakers and homegrown
> experts and fly in outside experts, preferably ones that are not too expert,
> produce a shambles and really stuff the language") - Eric Brook is, after
> all, a colleague of Doris Ansari (anyone who doesn't know about La Ansari
> and her anti-Cornish agenda shouldn't be on this list!) and Bert Biscoe lost
> the plot on the Assembly campaign long ago and has obviously failed to come
> to any sort of understanding about the language.
> Having read John Angarrack's latest I wouldn't be surprised if Big Ears
> Windsor had a hand in it, either.
> I have read the so-called report the Commission produced and have seen more
> valuable documents hanging on the nail in Granny's outside privy. I'm not a
> linguist, but one hardly needs to be to see that they were, as my uncle Tony
> the builder would say, 'shitty workers'. It's a pity linguists aren't
> covered by the Trade Descriptions Act.
> Essentially I have no confidence whatsoever in the process which led to the
> SWF. It looks as if it were modelled on government public consultation
> exercises which are a total sham - the public has its say which is totally
> ignored and some back office hack produces a hideous plan which please
> nobody, doesn't work and costs the taxpayer a bomb to build after going way
> over budget.
> As for the SWF itself - I imaging any linguist with a knowledge of Brythonic
> languages would tear it apart.
> I am not an expert on linguistics - but trying to design  an orthography to
> reflect how second language learners and speakers brought up on divergent
> phonologies mispronounce Cornish has to be the single most crazy linguistic
> idea since whoever it was built the tower of Babel. What mutt dreamt that
> one up?
> Jon, in a previous post you said something to the effect that it was
> pointless discussing orthography design before agreeing on pronunciation. Go
> to the top of the class! I have laboured through the postings on this list -
> I think you need to reiterate it - in capitals!
> As I said in my introduction, I have been learning Cornish using Kernewek
> Kemmyn. I'd be interested to know how close the Spellyans group is to
> reaching conclusions on pronunciation, and if, where and why it differs from
> KK.
> I shall be away for ten days or thereabout and will catch up on my return.
> Penny

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