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Yes, that does seem rather unfair. After all, he has insisted that
Cornish be used on the Duchy of Cornwall website!


On 7/10/08, nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> And by me. I live in Ireland, not Cornwall, and living as expat here I
> have
> become quite a royalist. I have a high opinion of the Prince of Wales/
> Duke of Cornwall and
> find insults to the royal family deeply offensive.
> Nicholas Williams
> On 10 Jul 2008, at 17:16, Owen Cook wrote:
>> Like Jon, I'm interested in hearing your specific complaints about the
>> SWF. I suspect we all have quibbles or reservations about the process
>> itself, but do you have any particulars concerning the finished
>> project which you feel need to be corrected?
>> By the bye, ad hominems and personal insults like "mutt" and "big
>> ears" are looked askance at by the list administrator.
>> Oll an gwelha,
>> ~~Owen
>> On 10/07/2008, Penny Squire <pennysquire at ymail.com> rug scrifa:
>>> Please bear in mind that for several years I have been to and fro
>>> between
>>> Cornwall and other places rather a lot, so have been less in touch
>>> than I
>>> would have preferred.
>>> Having said that, I have, when possible, been ploughing through any
>>> and
>>> every discussion I could access on what was going on (in addition to
>>> actually learning the language!) including Cornwall 24, as well as
>>> looking
>>> at George, Gendall, Williams and Chaudhri.
>>> From what I can gather the Partnership may have been following a
>>> political
>>> agenda of " let's fudge something, it means government money" -
>>> great for
>>> the boys and girls employed by Cornwall Council, not so great for the
>>> language.
>>> I'm not, however, discounting actual malice ("let's blow the money on
>>> conferences, pander to non-speakers, sideline Cornish speakers and
>>> homegrown
>>> experts and fly in outside experts, preferably ones that are not
>>> too expert,
>>> produce a shambles and really stuff the language") - Eric Brook is,
>>> after
>>> all, a colleague of Doris Ansari (anyone who doesn't know about La
>>> Ansari
>>> and her anti-Cornish agenda shouldn't be on this list!) and Bert
>>> Biscoe lost
>>> the plot on the Assembly campaign long ago and has obviously failed
>>> to come
>>> to any sort of understanding about the language.
>>> Having read John Angarrack's latest I wouldn't be surprised if Big
>>> Ears
>>> Windsor had a hand in it, either.
>>> I have read the so-called report the Commission produced and have
>>> seen more
>>> valuable documents hanging on the nail in Granny's outside privy.
>>> I'm not a
>>> linguist, but one hardly needs to be to see that they were, as my
>>> uncle Tony
>>> the builder would say, 'shitty workers'. It's a pity linguists aren't
>>> covered by the Trade Descriptions Act.
>>> Essentially I have no confidence whatsoever in the process which
>>> led to the
>>> SWF. It looks as if it were modelled on government public
>>> consultation
>>> exercises which are a total sham - the public has its say which is
>>> totally
>>> ignored and some back office hack produces a hideous plan which
>>> please
>>> nobody, doesn't work and costs the taxpayer a bomb to build after
>>> going way
>>> over budget.
>>> As for the SWF itself - I imaging any linguist with a knowledge of
>>> Brythonic
>>> languages would tear it apart.
>>> I am not an expert on linguistics - but trying to design  an
>>> orthography to
>>> reflect how second language learners and speakers brought up on
>>> divergent
>>> phonologies mispronounce Cornish has to be the single most crazy
>>> linguistic
>>> idea since whoever it was built the tower of Babel. What mutt
>>> dreamt that
>>> one up?
>>> Jon, in a previous post you said something to the effect that it was
>>> pointless discussing orthography design before agreeing on
>>> pronunciation. Go
>>> to the top of the class! I have laboured through the postings on
>>> this list -
>>> I think you need to reiterate it - in capitals!
>>> As I said in my introduction, I have been learning Cornish using
>>> Kernewek
>>> Kemmyn. I'd be interested to know how close the Spellyans group is to
>>> reaching conclusions on pronunciation, and if, where and why it
>>> differs from
>>> KK.
>>> I shall be away for ten days or thereabout and will catch up on my
>>> return.
>>> Penny
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