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Penny has only recently joined this list and perhaps may be excused for not realising that the register and rhetorical style used on this list are not that of C24.

Doris Ansari is relevant to the Cornish language revival, however. The 1996 Education Act (Sections 406 and 407) forbids “the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject” and stipulates that “where political issues are brought to the attention of pupils,” pupils must be “offered a balanced presentation of opposing views.” Furthermore, a ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg states, "The State when fulfilling the functions assumed by it in regard to education and teaching, must take care that information and knowledge included in the curriculum is conveyed in an objective, critical and pluralistic manner" (Kjeldsen, Busk, Madsen and Pedersen v Denmark 1976). Thus celebration of diversity through education is mandatory. However, when the Portfolio Holder for Education in Cornwall, Doris Ansari, was asked in 2001 “why Cornwall LEA were still implementing an imposed, wholly insensitive, mono-cultured educational programme, she said that to do otherwise would be dangerous and put Cornwall on the road to the Balkans” (Angarrack 2002: 16). The Minorities Unit of the Council for Europe receives all information demonstrating rights violations. Thus Ansari’s violation of Convention principles was incorporated into the Council of Europe’s evidence against the British Government (Angarrack 2002: 15-17). In response to complaints to the Council of Europe about Ansari’s remarks (Angarrack 2002: 17), the Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe (6 June 2002) wrote, "The Advisory Committee notes that the Government does not consider the people of Cornwall to constitute a national minority. The Advisory Committee however notes that a number of persons living in Cornwall consider themselves to be a national minority within the scope of the Framework Convention. In this, the Advisory Committee has received substantial information from them as to their Celtic identity, specific history, distinct language, and culture" (Council of Europe 6 June 2002, Article 3 [Comment 16]).

Ol an gwella

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> Apart from a plethora of near slanderous gossip, Penny, do you have
> any linguistic contribution to make to the evolution of KS? After all,
> -- I've never heard of 'Doris Ansari' and her 'anti-Cornish agenda',
> so by your own words, I
> 'shouldn't be in this list!'. Hah!
> -- if by your tired, second-hand jibe of 'Big Ears Windsor' you mean
> Charles Duke of Cornwall, why not simply name him, without resorting
> to DC Comics super-villain nicknames? I imagine we are each capable
> of making up our own mind about how we feel about the Duke, without
> the help of your verbal cartoonage.
> Your tone is tendentious and polemical and is, imho, rather
> inappropriate on this forum.
> Please stop insulting our intelligence, Penny.
> Eddie
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