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The term "minority faction" is in the eye of the beholder.  It isn't 
numbers that matter, but what each actually does and the influence that 
has on people's perceptions.

As a minority of one, I did write what I believe to be the widest 
selling book on the Cornish language ever written ("Cornish Place-Names 
and Language", Sigma Press 1995 and reprinted three times; now 
republished in a completely revised form (2007).  Between 15,000 and 
20,000 sold).  That book was, and is, distributed throughout the UK, 
rather than the parochial circulation most books on the language are 
confined to.  My aim was to make as many people as possible, however far 
away, aware that there is a Cornish language and that it has a firm, 
rightful and long-standing place in British culture.  For the very first 
time, a whole lot of people realised that the distinct language and 
culture of Cornwall actually existed and I'm sure it contributed to the 
official recognition of the language in 2002.  If it did, then I'm 
pleased that I did some good (strange how it was after the publication 
of the 1995 edition that "English" Heritage really started going for my 
throat, finally destroying my career in 1998).

It might sound "smug" (it isn't meant to be, because it is what I set 
out to achieve), that book and its one minority writer, achieved more in 
that respect than the entire Kesva, with its parochial attitude, has 
achieved since its inception in 1967.


Eddie Climo wrote:
> On 11 Jul 2008, at 23:47, Mary Williams wrote:
>> The UCR Bible and Dr. Williams' Bywnans Ke seem both to have been 
>> designed (and priced) for the collectors market.
> There is, of course, no 'UCR Bible'. Nicholas's /'Testament Noweth'/ 
> is available from Spyrys a Gernow at £15.95 (with a discount to Agan 
> Tavas members, I believe). By contrast,  the Everyman NT has a cover 
> price of £9.99 (also available discounted). This £6 difference in cost 
> hardly prices the UCR NT 'for the collector's market'; after all, 
> that's only the price of a half-way decent bottle of wine!
> As a semi-pro writer, typographer and designer,  to my eyes 
> Nicholas's edition looks just like a good quality NT should look, in 
> all aspects of its design and manufacture. The quality of Cornish 
> inside is outstanding, yet is quite easy to read, even for less fluent 
> (non-Christian) learners like me. In no way is it "designed for the 
> collector's market", as you allege.
> The Thomas & Williams edition of /'Bewnans Ke'/ [sic] is priced at 
> about £60, but was available with a generous 1/3 discount at £40 for 
> quite a while after its launch. Published under the auspices of Exeter 
> University, I believe this edition is aimed primarily at the academic 
> market, and is priced accordingly. Moreover, the book is designed with 
> full academic /apparatus scholasticum,/ which is another feature aimed 
> specifically at the academic market, rather that that of collectors.
>  Certainly it's going to be too expensive for many ordinary users of 
> Cornish; indeed, the price was too high for my wallet, alas!, even 
> with the discount. I would urge the editors to produce a cheaper, 
> possibly abridged, edition for the wider market, and it they did so, 
> I'd be at the front of the queue for a copy!
>> The Kesva prefer to publish books that Cornish people can afford to 
>> buy and read.
> The Kesva's editions of the /New Testamen/t and the /Life of Ke/ are 
> not good, in terms of neither their scholarship nor their design. 
> Sure, they're less expensive than the ones you decry, but you're not 
> getting products of comparable quality.
>> I really do detect a whiff of smugness here.
>> . . ..
>> If you have the good of the language at heart . . ..
> This treads very close to personal insult, Mary, which is not 
> acceptable on this list.
>> . . . why don't you both make your excellent talents available to all 
>> sides, rather than supporting a minority faction?
> /'Talents available to all sides'? 'Minority faction'?/ 
> What on earth can you mean?
> And what does *any* of this have to do with the purpose of this 
> discussion list?
> Please stay on topic, Mary.
> Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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