[Spellyans] Diacritics?

Ken MacKinnon kenmackinnon at enterprise.net
Sat Jul 12 11:20:24 IST 2008

Well I am a Virgo - and that means I do not believe in any of that zodiacal

However, you may recall that sometime ago I contributed a list of West
Cornwall placenames spelled with circumflexes on current OS maps.  Since
then diligent perusal of larger scale maps has resulted in further examples.

I would repeat that the use of the circumflex on Cornish names in current
use has long been well accepted by the map-reading and general Cornish
public and the use  of the circumflex as an accepatable Cornish diacritic
should cause no reasonable problems.

I look forward to your forthcoming book, Craig - and hope to secure an early 
copy.  With the placename Lowarth an Dyjy - is the Dygy the same as the St 
Ives streetname The Digey?  If so whatever is such a name doing in the 
middle of a town?

There used to be a local simile in common use 'as straight as the Digey'.  I 
never really understood this as The Digey never appeared particularly 
straight to me.  But then on the other hand it was probably a lot straighter 
than many of the neighbouring thoroughfares.

Apologies for wandering off topic - but spelling of Cornish antiquities and 
street names might very properly feature on future agendas.

- an Ken ken

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> Do we Sagittarians have any say in the matter?  Way outside the SWF I
> know, but I always did like the long A and U shown with a circumflex, as
> on the maps and signposts for places like Carn Bras, Chun Castle,
> Boscaswen-un and others (you'll have to imagine the circumflexes).
> Craig
> Eddie Climo wrote:
>> On 11 Jul 2008, at 18:17, Owen Cook wrote:
>>> You will all think me infuriatingly Gemini for saying so, but I agree
>>> with both Eddie and Nicholas here. We must use diacritics for
>>> irregular vowel length. We must also use it for our u-grave items. KS
>>> must have exactly the necessary minimum of diacritics.
>> As a fellow Gemini, Owen, I find myself inexorably compelled to agree
>> with you agreeing with me.
>> :D
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