[Spellyans] Diacritics?

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Really? In Breton, bod (= Cornish bos) has two quite distinct meanings, one "lodging", and the other "bunch, group", "bush", Bod in placenames, cf. Botallec = Bod Haleg, is generally taken to have the second sense, in other words "a bunch, group of willow trees". I always thought Boscawen (which no doubt exists in Breton placenames as Bodscao, Bodscaven) was "a bunch, group of elder trees".
Steve Hewitt


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"the downs of Boscawen" as opposed to Boscawen-ros ("roughland of
Boscawen") in the same parish of St Buryan.  Boscawen is "dwelling (at
an) elder tree".

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