[Spellyans] Diacritics?

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 12 14:10:18 IST 2008

I suspect we might be straying a little off topic again, but it's a  
slow Saturday afternoon, so what the heck!

I note that Nance in his Guide to Cornish Place-Names gives the  
> bos (bod, bo) pl. bossow. dwelling
> bos, pl.  bosow. bush. bojek. bush-grown place

.. . . while in his 1938 Gerlyver Noweth, he adds:
> bos, pl. -ssow. dwelling-place : used in place-names, often keeps  
> its old form bod : may be boj before vowels, and because of its  
> final s, may be bos4, bo4 before mutable consonants.

There's no suggestion in either of these books that this element  
generally takes the 2nd bos=bush meaning in Cornish, such as you  
describe in Breton.

Moreover, I'd have thought that a name meaning 'a group of elder  
trees' would be more suitable for . . . well, a group of elder trees,  
rather than for a dwelling situated in their midst (much as in  
English, where one might find a house named 'Elder Cottage'). 'The  
Elder Grove' sounds more like a pub name (or an Irish jig!) if anything.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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On 12 Jul 2008, at 13:02, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:
> Really? In Breton, bod (= Cornish bos) has two quite distinct  
> meanings, one "lodging", and the other "bunch, group", "bush", Bod  
> in placenames, cf. Botallec = Bod Haleg, is generally taken to have  
> the second sense, in other words "a bunch, group of willow trees".  
> I always thought Boscawen (which no doubt exists in Breton  
> placenames as Bodscao, Bodscaven) was "a bunch, group of elder trees".
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> "the downs of Boscawen" as opposed to Boscawen-ros ("roughland of
> Boscawen") in the same parish of St Buryan.  Boscawen is "dwelling (at
> an) elder tree".info/spellyans_kernowek.net
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