[Spellyans] More on bys/bes words and diacritical marks

Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 14:40:49 IST 2008

I fail to see your problem here Mary. Other than your obvious trouble
with using diacritical marks. A problem for users of English language
who have no idea of how to set their comuters up to use these. I
suppose some instructions on doing this would be a good thing to have
displayed somewhere?

It is clear these words need highlighting, because they have both an
optional spelling and an optional pronunciation.
As we are attempting to make good the errors in the SWF we have to
take into account the SWF as it currently exists.

I was not a fan of the diaresis, but I was not overly happy with the
aesthetics of the <ei> solution that the KK faction threw out anyway.
However that put me in a difficult position regarding this group of
words. I think, after a little reflection, that as <ei> is ruled out,
the diaresis is quite an elegant solution to the problem.

I can also see it being regularly dropped from normal usage by more
competent learners and fluent speakers in everyday communications, but
for learners this is a really useful tool to aid their learning.

It does nothing to the sounds of the words, merely shows where there
is a choice of spelling and pronunciation. I support this.


2008/7/11 Mary Williams <marywilliams230 at yahoo.co.uk>:
> I wonder what this list is really for. Michael asks for opinions, but when
> anyone disagrees with his own view he tells them they're wrong. Then he says
> the matter is closed and it has to be how he has decided. Sorry, but what's
> the point of asking people to take the time to make helpful suggestions and
> then ignoring them?
> By the way, Craig appears to have just demonstrated that doing accents isn't
> a simple matter for us mere mortals.
> Mary
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> Subject: Re: [Spellyans] More on bys/bes words and diacritical marks
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> Date: Friday, 11 July, 2008, 9:22 PM
> At 09:34 +0000 2008-07-11, Tom Trethewey wrote:
>>I agree that there are three "classes of words"
>>here.  I do not agree with the suggested
> Evidently not.
>>It would be much simpler to write the third class with <y>.
> People who say [e:] do not believe that <y> is an
> acceptable graph for this. We proposed <ei> as an
> acceptable graph to us. That wasn't acceptable to
> the KK representatives. We have ended up with
> some words
>  in <e>, some words in <y>, and a class
> of words in <e>~<y>, and KS will mark this last
> class as <ë>~<ÿ> because the ambiguity is
> intolerable.
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