[Spellyans] Diacritics?

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Yes, it is the same word, Ken.  Dyjy translates as cottage or hovel, so 
Lowarth an Dyjy is "the cottage garden".  At St Ives, the original was 
probably a cottage/hovel on its own, well away from other buildings, 
before the town developed around it.  In the same way, Jennings Street 
in Penzance, whch leads from Market Jew Street down to the harbour was 
"Street an Todden", so what has been a built-up part of Penzance must, 
at one time, have been a pasture field.  I love ths about place-names - 
how they can give you glimpses of the past.  We have so many names with 
various words for deer, but you won't see a wild deer anywhere in 
Cornwall now.  Then there are places like Nansladron, "thieves' valley", 
just SW of St Austell.  Rumour has it that the management staff of HM 
Inspector of Taxes, St Austell, now live there!!!!!

An interesting point is the personal name Sylvester (Latin origin, 
presumably "woodsman" or similar). Three place-names have this element 
(Chysauster, Nansalsa and I can't think of the third one at present) 
and, in each case, the Cornish form of Sylvester is so consistently 
shown as Salvester that the A vowel survives even into the present form 
of each name.


Ken MacKinnon wrote:
> Well I am a Virgo - and that means I do not believe in any of that zodiacal
> stuff.
> However, you may recall that sometime ago I contributed a list of West
> Cornwall placenames spelled with circumflexes on current OS maps.  Since
> then diligent perusal of larger scale maps has resulted in further examples.
> I would repeat that the use of the circumflex on Cornish names in current
> use has long been well accepted by the map-reading and general Cornish
> public and the use  of the circumflex as an accepatable Cornish diacritic
> should cause no reasonable problems.
> I look forward to your forthcoming book, Craig - and hope to secure an early 
> copy.  With the placename Lowarth an Dyjy - is the Dygy the same as the St 
> Ives streetname The Digey?  If so whatever is such a name doing in the 
> middle of a town?
> There used to be a local simile in common use 'as straight as the Digey'.  I 
> never really understood this as The Digey never appeared particularly 
> straight to me.  But then on the other hand it was probably a lot straighter 
> than many of the neighbouring thoroughfares.
> Apologies for wandering off topic - but spelling of Cornish antiquities and 
> street names might very properly feature on future agendas.
> - an Ken ken
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>> Do we Sagittarians have any say in the matter?  Way outside the SWF I
>> know, but I always did like the long A and U shown with a circumflex, as
>> on the maps and signposts for places like Carn Bras, Chun Castle,
>> Boscaswen-un and others (you'll have to imagine the circumflexes).
>> Craig
>> Eddie Climo wrote:
>>> On 11 Jul 2008, at 18:17, Owen Cook wrote:
>>>> You will all think me infuriatingly Gemini for saying so, but I agree
>>>> with both Eddie and Nicholas here. We must use diacritics for
>>>> irregular vowel length. We must also use it for our u-grave items. KS
>>>> must have exactly the necessary minimum of diacritics.
>>> As a fellow Gemini, Owen, I find myself inexorably compelled to agree
>>> with you agreeing with me.
>>> :D
>>> Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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