[Spellyans] Diacritics?

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'Scawen' is singulative and thus means 'an elder'. 'Scaw' is the
collective and means 'an elder grove'. Cornish does not need to compound
with 'bos' (bush) in place-names. 'Boscawen' means 'dwelling by an elder

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  I suspect we might be straying a little off topic again, but it's a
  slow Saturday afternoon, so what the heck!
  I note that Nance in his Guide to Cornish Place-Names gives the

    bos (bod, bo) pl. bossow. dwelling

    bos, pl.  bosow. bush. bojek. bush-grown place

  . . . while in his 1938 Gerlyver Noweth, he adds:

    bos, pl. -ssow. dwelling-place : used in place-names, often keeps
    its old form bod : may be boj before vowels, and because of its
    final s, may be bos4, bo4 before mutable consonants.

  There's no suggestion in either of these books that this element
  generally takes the 2nd bos=bush meaning in Cornish, such as you
  describe in Breton.
  Moreover, I'd have thought that a name meaning 'a group of elder
  trees' would be more suitable for . . . well, a group of elder trees,
  rather than for a dwelling situated in their midst (much as in
  English, where one might find a house named 'Elder Cottage'). 'The
  Elder Grove' sounds more like a pub name (or an Irish jig!) if
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  On 12 Jul 2008, at 13:02, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

    Really? In Breton, bod (= Cornish bos) has two quite distinct
    meanings, one "lodging", and the other "bunch, group", "bush",
    Bod in placenames, cf. Botallec = Bod Haleg, is generally taken
    to have the second sense, in other words "a bunch, group of
    willow trees". I always thought Boscawen (which no doubt exists
    in Breton placenames as Bodscao, Bodscaven) was "a bunch, group
    of elder trees".


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    "the downs of Boscawen" as opposed to Boscawen-ros ("roughland of
    Boscawen") in the same parish of St Buryan.  Boscawen is
    "dwelling (at
    an) elder tree".info/spellyans_kernowek.net

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