[Spellyans] Diacritics?

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Would the placename Bussow ( just outside St Ives) mean bushes or
dwellings - any way of telling from earlier forms?

I very much commend your intention of working on orginal Cornish forms of 
personal names.   Gaelic speakers very frequently use the Gaelic forms of 
their names in appropriate contexts - and even sometimes in official 
contexts too.  Probably as an 'in your face' assertion of identity.  For 
example, I use my Gaelic name on passport , credit cards, cheques, and bank 

- an Ken ken

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> In Cornish place-names, bod/bos translates as "dwelling, home", so that
> Botallack is the "home of a man called Talek".  The personal name,
> "heavy-browed" still survives as a Cornish surname Tallack (Tallack's
> Windscreens, Penryn , for example).  There is a similar word, bos,
> meaning "bush" but this does not seem to occur in Cornish toponyms.
> Helyk is "willow-tree", the short e vowel being consistent, even in
> variants of the word.
> Bod/bos names, along with those beginning with Tre- and Car- are
> believed to be the very earliest place-names in Cornwall.
> Craig
> Hewitt, Stephen wrote:
>> Really? In Breton, /bod/ (= Cornish /bos/) has two quite distinct
>> meanings, one "lodging", and the other "bunch, group", "bush", /Bod/
>> in placenames, cf. /Botallec/ = /Bod Haleg/, is generally taken to
>> have the second sense, in other words "a bunch, group of willow
>> trees". I always thought /Boscawen/ (which no doubt exists in Breton
>> placenames as /Bodscao, Bodscaven/) was "a bunch, group of elder trees".
>> Steve Hewitt
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>> "the downs of Boscawen" as opposed to Boscawen-ros ("roughland of
>> Boscawen") in the same parish of St Buryan.  Boscawen is "dwelling (at
>> an) elder tree".
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