[Spellyans] More on bys/bes words and diacritical marks

Owen Cook owen.e.cook at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:21:13 IST 2008

2008/7/11 A. J. Trim <ajtrim at msn.com> rug scrifa:
> "Thursday Market" is Marhas Yow, but if the <h> is hard (almost a [k]) and
> if <s> is pronounced [Z], and if <ow> is pronounced as <oo> in "loo",
> the sound will be something like Marka Zhyoo [mark@ Zju:].

The authentic pronunciation should have been [marha dZow], based upon
the Lhuydian spelling Marha Dzhou. Other pronunciations are

Oll an gwelha,

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