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Penny Squire pennysquire at ymail.com
Tue Jul 15 14:41:44 IST 2008

Oh dear! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give offence to anyone here but honestly didn't expect to find royalists on a Cornish language discussion group.

I'm even more surprised, Nicholas, to find an Irish speaker and expert on the Irish language supporting the English royal family. How did this come about? ( Said she, bursting with proverbial female curiosity!)

Sorry, it may be a bit off topic re the list, but I find it helps in discussions if you know a bit about the personalities involved.

I am just back from the bush and have a day off, so am catching up on my e-mail backlog and hoping to get home by the weekend (assuming nothing else gets in the way)..


In your recent post you used offensive language to describe HRH the 
Duke of Cornwall. This type of discourse is not permitted on 
Spellyans, as it causes needless offence (one person has already 
written to me about it). Please do not do so again.
Gromercy dhis,
An Menystror

And by me. I live in Ireland, not Cornwall, and living as expat here I  
become quite a royalist. I have a high opinion of the Prince of Wales/ 
Duke of Cornwall and
find insults to the royal family deeply offensive.

Nicholas Williams

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