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Jangye-ryn cannot  be 'ice-house'!

would an ice-house be doing near Winnianton, a modest farm on the
cliffs north of Mullion? As far as I know, only manor houses and such
could afford to have ice-houses built, plus all the time, trouble and
expense of hauling ice in winter, mixing with salt, etc.  Pencarrow had
one, built in the early 1800s, I don't know of any other in Cornwall,
but there may have been some.  I doubt if ice houses were known in
Cornwall much before then, and this place name is surely older.

Jangye-ryn almost certainly is jynnji-rynn or
jynnji-run (engine house [on a] promontory, or engine house [on a]
slope) - with both the 'j' and the 'g' of 'jangye' pronounced as in
'jail'. It has an 'a' where one would expect a 'y' or an 'i'
admittedly, but that's Cornish place names for you!

And, of course, the word order is Cornish.

do hope that this example of historical sloppy spelling by some unknown
scribe does not encourage any more theories about vocalic alternation
or dialects.


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No, yeth should not be pronounced that way (and the only attested form 
of that word is, in fact <eyth> in Tregear).  The soft j or zh sound for 
initial Y is confined to very few words, of which yeyn and yet are the 
most commonly found..  I think this also turns up in the coastal name 
Jangye-ryn (Gunwalloe) which (apart from having suffered reversal to an 
English word order) appears to contain the compound yeyn-jy (ice-house, 
cold store).



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