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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jul 18 15:59:04 IST 2008

I received the following from the Secretary of Agan Tavas.

At 08:24 +0100 2008-07-18, Ray Chubb wrote:
>A esyly wheg,
>The following statement has been made by the Cornish Language 
>Partnership about the Standard Written Form:
>"There are some words which are unclear or where there is some 
>anxiety and the Management Group agreed to compile a list of these 
>by the end of July for discussion in August.  Any particular 
>concerns should be sent to the office by the end of July"
>The words involved are being discussed as edge cases.  I know we 
>have concerns about the word 'taves' and I can see no logical reason 
>why 'kegin' should be spelt with an 'i'.  I note also that vocalic 
>alternation has been missed in the plural of 'bledhen'.  Any more?
>Time is short and therefore I am able only to send this information 
>to Agan Tavas members with e-mail.  If you would care to submit any 
>comments to me I will prepare a joint response from Agan Tavas.
>Oll an gwella,
>Ray Chubb
>Scryvynyas Agan Tavas

Should we address this? Will the CLP listen to us if we do?
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