[Spellyans] More on bys/bes words and diacritical marks

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
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At 23:15 +0000 2008-07-18, Mary Williams wrote:

>Good question. They must be a secret society. Or just maybe 
>someone's been pulling Michael's leg. But my point was really if 
>they don't turn up for anything, don't involve themselves with 
>promoting the language, and especially don't seem to write anything, 
>why does the 'official' spelling matter to them? If all they do is 
>in Cornish is shoo out the cat?

My goodness, Mary, but don't YOU sound like Keith Bailey.

The Spellyans list exists because we want an orthography which might 
attract users of all dialects of Revived Cornish. Spelling matters 

>I've got the book on the Boson's late cornish, by Oliver Padel.

So have I.

>It's 60pp and includes oodles of notes etc.

So it does.

>I've just counted the pages of actual Late Cornish and it comes to 
>around 16. I asked someone who should know what else there was and 
>apparently there's perhaps nearly as much again, bits of scripture 
>(on the Bible Translation web site, I think) and some poems and 
>letters and things.

Do not forget Lhuyd (as Nicholas has just reminded us).

>Jon Mills is supposed to have listed it all somewhere or other. 
>There don't seem to be any more stories like JCH though, that's a 
>great pity, so much must have been lost when the language went.

What is it you are arguing? That Late Cornish is irrelevant? That 
Revived Late Cornish is irrelevant? Neither proposition is true.

>So it wouldn't really be a very massive book would it? If there's 
>really a lot of interest in Late, why hasn't anyone gathered all of 
>this together, they've had years and years to do it?

This complaint is PREPOSTEROUS.
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