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Who is Keith Bailey? Would it be possible, for the benefit of us
exiles, to attach some explanatory epithet whenever introducing a new


On 7/19/08, Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com> wrote:
> At 23:15 +0000 2008-07-18, Mary Williams wrote:
>>Good question. They must be a secret society. Or just maybe
>>someone's been pulling Michael's leg. But my point was really if
>>they don't turn up for anything, don't involve themselves with
>>promoting the language, and especially don't seem to write anything,
>>why does the 'official' spelling matter to them? If all they do is
>>in Cornish is shoo out the cat?
> My goodness, Mary, but don't YOU sound like Keith Bailey.
> The Spellyans list exists because we want an orthography which might
> attract users of all dialects of Revived Cornish. Spelling matters
> because
>>I've got the book on the Boson's late cornish, by Oliver Padel.
> So have I.
>>It's 60pp and includes oodles of notes etc.
> So it does.
>>I've just counted the pages of actual Late Cornish and it comes to
>>around 16. I asked someone who should know what else there was and
>>apparently there's perhaps nearly as much again, bits of scripture
>>(on the Bible Translation web site, I think) and some poems and
>>letters and things.
> Do not forget Lhuyd (as Nicholas has just reminded us).
>>Jon Mills is supposed to have listed it all somewhere or other.
>>There don't seem to be any more stories like JCH though, that's a
>>great pity, so much must have been lost when the language went.
> What is it you are arguing? That Late Cornish is irrelevant? That
> Revived Late Cornish is irrelevant? Neither proposition is true.
>>So it wouldn't really be a very massive book would it? If there's
>>really a lot of interest in Late, why hasn't anyone gathered all of
>>this together, they've had years and years to do it?
> This complaint is PREPOSTEROUS.
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