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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 19 17:11:29 IST 2008

'Explanatory epithet' (hopefully not too ad hominem) re 'new  
personage' (Jings! Do you really talk like that?) coming up, as per  

Keith Bailey is one of the more polemical, less rational, supporters  
of Kernewek Kemyn. With two (science) degrees under his belt, he  
appears to be living proof of the observation made by George Savile,  
1st Marquis of Halifax (1633-1695) that,
"The vanity of teaching [i.e. 'being taught'] doth oft tempt a man to  
forget he is a blockhead."
He has been a frequent poster on such online Cornish fora as  
Cornwall24 and CornishOrthography, under various pseudonyms including  
'morvran', 'mongvras' and 'howlsedhes services'. If you fancy a wee  
daunder along the lunatic fringe of past battlefields of the Cornish  
Revival, check out the postings by these pseudonyms (and throw in  
'ryzvel' and 'bardh' for good measure) in the archives at:


To put Michael's remark in context, both the Kernowak list and this  
one, which supersedes it, ask people to register in their own names,  
so as to avoid the sort of flaming and ad hominem abuse so often seen  
on anonymous fora like the 2 mentioned above.

Obviously, there is no way of checking that someone on the Web is  
truly who they say they are; clearly, "Jean Smith of Liskeard" (who  
has "always wanted to learn Cornish, but never quite gotten round to  
it" -- which is, of course, why no-one within the Revival would ever  
have heard of her/him/it) could actually be, say, Doktor Mengele (or  
Keith Bailey) in drag.

A trawl through the archives of the Kernowak list will show that,  
while most participants were genuinely interested in the development  
of Kernowak Standard, a few seemed to be there solely as agents  
provocateurs. Their intent seemed to be to spy out what the  
'enemy' (i.e. those who reject KK) were up to, and to try and stir up  
factional dissent between, for instance, the members who variously  
favoured UC, UCR, RLC and KK. Those few who persistently breached the  
rules of courtesy were warned by the Moderator, and then ejected.

On this new 'Spellyans' list, most contributors likewise seem to have  
a genuine interest in the attempt to develop a better form of KS or  
the SWF. But, yet again, it appears that one or two are here solely  
as agents provocateurs, who wish to sow the seeds of dissent between.  
say, the users of Middle Cornish and those of Late Cornish.This tired  
old 'divide and conquer' tactic has been attempted repeatedly, but  
unsuccessfully, over the last couple of decades by the Kesva and the  
Kemyn hardkore, and we're still seeing it on this list.

While one may not know who 'Jean Smith' truly is, from the tune s/he  
sings and dances to, one knows *what* she is. To use a different  
metaphor, a muck-raker can hardly avoid smelling of muck, eh?

It would appear Michael might have been querying the bona fides of  
'Mary Williams'.

yn lel,

Eddie Foirbeis Climo

On 19 Jul 2008, at 14:39, Harry Fraiser wrote:

> Who is Keith Bailey? Would it be possible, for the benefit of us
> exiles, to attach some explanatory epithet whenever introducing a new
> personage?
> Harry
> On 7/19/08, Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com> wrote:
>> At 23:15 +0000 2008-07-18, Mary Williams wrote:
>>> Good question. They must be a secret society. Or just maybe
>>> someone's been pulling Michael's leg. But my point was really if
>>> they don't turn up for anything, don't involve themselves with
>>> promoting the language, and especially don't seem to write anything,
>>> why does the 'official' spelling matter to them? If all they do is
>>> in Cornish is shoo out the cat?
>> My goodness, Mary, but don't YOU sound like Keith Bailey.
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