[Spellyans] Three schwas

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Jul 19 20:16:17 IST 2008

In our analysis of unstressed vowels, we have not 
taken something acoustic into account. I don't 
know whether Jon will like this or not, but it is 
certainly something easily observed in Revived 

There are three schwas. Standard schwa [@] (the 
turned e, U+0259), i-coloured schwa [1] (the 
barred i (with dot), U+0268), and u-coloured 
schwa [}] (the barred u, U+0289).


tavas /'tav at z/
gwelys /'gwEl1s/ 'seen'; cf. gwelas /'gwEl at s/ 'saw'
arlùth /'arl}T/

where in the centre of the chart you find the 
standard schwa and the barred-i 
and the barred-u 

Note that in English the same distinction 
applies: "Rosa's" is /'roUz at z/, "roses" is 

Actually I think the correct symbol for the 
u-coloured schwa is an unofficial IPA symbol used 
by the OED, barred-upsilon. Hm. I may have to 
encode that.
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