[Spellyans] More on bys/bes words and diacritical marks

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Jul 20 10:13:20 IST 2008

At 10:01 +0100 2008-07-20, nicholas williams wrote:

>Had I been asked to translate 'The surname of each bard in 
>alphabetical order' I should have written:
>Hanow teylu pub bardh in ordyr an ABC (KS)
>Hanow tylu pup barth yn ordyr an ABC (UC).

Now, now, in writing "an ABC" you are really writing "an abece" since 
the acronym is pronounced. Of course that's where we get names like 
"abecedary" and "alpha-bet" and (Cyrillic) "azbuki" and (Arabic) 
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