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When awarded a Bardship it is for life,  and my understanding is that one has to formally resign. 
Not paying annual dues would only mean that after a period of time all Gorseth mailings would cease.

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Dr. Nicholas John Anselm Williams (Golvan 1962) resigned.
William David Mudd (Map Arwenack 1967) resigned.
Craig Weatherhill (Delynyer Hendhyscans 1981) resigned.
Patricia Lay (Myrghs Altarnon 1992) resigned.

That's it. Four of them. And the Gorseth seems to make a lot of this. 
What's it mean? The honour is bestowed for service to Cornwall (apart 
from the "language-bardships" by examination). That service was done, 
the honour awarded. What does "resignation" mean? Is it when one just 
quits paying his or her dues?
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