[Spellyans] More on bys/bes words and diacritical marks

Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 21:37:18 IST 2008

I can only really answer that in my own case. Michael.  KK bards 
publicly abused other bards.  They also interfered and sabotaged a 
Cornish language project (bilingual road signs) in which 4 bards 
collaborated (these were: Richard Jenkin, Richard Gendall, Ray Chubb and 
myself).  The project had been intiated by me and it was my report that 
persuaded Penwith District Council to approve the scheme.  The then 
Clerk of the Council, Des Hosken, was aware of the orthographic 
arguments and agreed that, if two of the three factions could agree on 
the recommended forms of place-names to appear on the roadsigns, then 
the Council would support it.  At that time, none of the KK faction 
would even talk to me so trying to get their agreement was a 
non-starter.  So, I asked the Unified and Late Cornish people named above.

The project, aiming at the Celtic Film Festival that was held in St Ives 
in that particular year, went ahead, with bilingual signs appearing for 
St Ives, Carbis Bay and Hayle.

Then came the KK interference, backed by the Gorsedd.  Dear "Wella" 
Brown wrote in complaint to Penwith Council, backed up by the then 
Gorsedd secretary.  The Lelant sign was altered from "Ewny Lananta" to 
"Lannanta", and, after that, the project died.  Hosken broke his promise 
to me (but, then, he was up for bardship that very same year) and the 
whole thing foundered.

I complained to the Gorsedd Council that bards had deliberatelu 
undermined the work of other bards, just as a year or so previously, I 
had complained to them about bards Dunbar and Miller publicly 
denigrating other bards such as Peter Pool and Dick Gendall.  On boith 
occasions, the Gorsedd under, first Chesterfield, then Ann Jenkin, chose 
to attack me instead.  On this econd occasion, I resogned my Bardship.  
All that Ann Jenkin could say to the Press was: "Oh, he's threatened to 
resign several times" (I had done so only the once, to Chesterfield).

Of course, there have been several other incidents since then - when 
Dunbar repreatedly phoned Hayle School to tell them that I was teaching 
the kids the "wrong kind of Cornish"; then when my entry to the Holyer 
an Gof award (my place-names book) was thrown straight into the bin, and 
there have been other incidents as well.

It doesn't do a lot for the morale, nor does it motivate further efforts 
in Cornish studies.  Sometimes, it sends you into the depths of despair 
but, in the end, I refuse to be beaten by people like these.

Kebmer wyth,

Michael Everson wrote:
> Dr. Nicholas John Anselm Williams (Golvan 1962) resigned.
> William David Mudd (Map Arwenack 1967) resigned.
> Craig Weatherhill (Delynyer Hendhyscans 1981) resigned.
> Patricia Lay (Myrghs Altarnon 1992) resigned.
> That's it. Four of them. And the Gorseth seems to make a lot of this. 
> What's it mean? The honour is bestowed for service to Cornwall (apart 
> from the "language-bardships" by examination). That service was done, 
> the honour awarded. What does "resignation" mean? Is it when one just 
> quits paying his or her dues?

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