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I will add to that Eddie, I am also Cornish born with one parent's family going back generations, the other parent from Derbyshire, with a pure blooded Cornish husband born in Penryn near the site of Glasney Collegiate College and I am fiercly proud of the Cornish language and Cornwall's identity.  Pat

On 21 Jul 2008, at 14:03, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
. . . It does make one wonder why we continue to do what we do.

Hentry Jenner famously posed a similar question in 1904 in his Handbook:
Why should Cornishmen learn Cornish ? There is no money in it, it serves no practical purpose, and the literature is scanty and of no great originality or value.

The question is a fair one, the answer is simple. 

Because they are Cornishmen.
Despite its manifest flaws, the gist of his answer is still as valid today as it was a century ago -- so long as we make allowances for him ignoring (a) the female half of the human race, and (b) non-Cornish people who might wish to learn Cornish.

So, to paraphrase Jenner,
Why should anyone learn Cornish? . . . Because they love the language (or its literature, history, landscape, people . . .)

So, Craig, does that answer your question? Nicholas is English, Michael's an American, I'm a Cornish-Scots mongrel, Pat's of the female persuasion . . . There's Bretons, Welsh, Germans . . .. Gar! there might even be the odd pure-blooded Cornish male on this list, for all I know. Yet, somehow, Jenner's answer probably resonates with each of us.

I know it does with me!

As for the pissants of the Kesva, try taking a longer view: their writings and their spurious orthography will die with them; like acne, they are an affliction of the Revival in its adolescence.

Only the best will be considered worth reading by generations yet unborn.

yn lel,

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