[Spellyans] " 'Breakthrough' rung"

Craig Weatherhill weatherhill at freenet.co.uk
Mon Jul 21 19:49:25 IST 2008

Thanks, Michael - that contribution came at the very time when I needed 
a good laugh!


menystror wrote:
> At 18:03 +0100 2008-07-21, Eddie Climo wrote:
>> As for the pissants of the Kesva, try taking a longer view: their 
>> writings and their spurious orthography will die with them; like 
>> acne, they are an affliction of the Revival in its adolescence.
> An Menystror feels that the likening of members of one of Cornwall's 
> publishing houses to members of the group of Hymenoptera known as 
> "Formica rufa" is not appropriate, despite the fierce territoriality 
> which both have in common. Please see 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formica_rufa -- and kindly consider your 
> rhetoric in future.

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