[Spellyans] redistribution of <i> and <y>

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<i> in the second syllable could be interpreted as meaning /i/ in both Late
as well as Middle Cornish pronunciations, while the <y> spellings would
indicate that the pronunciation is /i/ in Middle Cornish and /e/ in Late
Cornish based varieties. The SWF would then allow <y> to be spelt <e>
alternatively, which in dictionaries could be listed with diaeresis <ÿ> ~
<ë>. So the SWF should allow both <bryntin> and <brentin>, while “kitchen”
should be SWF <kegyn> ~ <kegen>. 




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The MAGA Kernow website has previews of breakthrough rung books, Kanker and

Lester spells UCR brentyn "brilliant" as SWF bryntin.

Why the <i> in the second syllable?


Andrew J. Trim



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