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I quite like this idea in principle, at least for stressed syllables. I
feel less comfortable with its application to unstressed syllables. So I
have no problem with <bÿs> ~ <bes>. I assume the unstressed syllables in
words such as KEGYN and BRENTYN to be reduced vowels. So we might have
pronunciations such as [kEg at n] or [kEg1n]. I also assume such reduced
vowels to be allophones. But allophones of what phoneme? One might argue
from an etymological perspective that since KEGYN is from Latin
'coquîna', the unstressed syllable should be written with an <i>.
Similarly one might suggest that BRENTYN is from Proto-Brythonic
'*brigantînos' and so should also be written with an <i>. However we are
on uncertain ground here; '*brigantînos' is itself a proto-form, merely

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I would like to hear everyone’s opinions on the following idea for
redistributing <y> and <i> in the SWF. I would write <i> where bother
Late and Middle Cornish have /i/ and /i:/, and write <y> ~ <e> (in
dictionaries <ÿ> ~ <ë>) where Middle Cornish has /I/ and /I:/, but Late
Cornish has /e/ and /e:/.


SWF <brentin>; RMC /”brentin/, RLC /”brentin/;

SWF <kegyn>; RMC /”kegin/, RLC /”keg at n/;

SWF <tir>; RMC /ti:r/, RLC /ti:r/;

SWF <bys> ~ <bes>; RMC */bI:z/ = [bi:z] ~ [bIz] ~ [beIz] etc., RLC


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At 21:46 +0100 2008-07-20, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

>Good question - if <y> is a short i and <i> a long one, then this makes

>no sense at all.

“That is the SWF (and KS) rule for monosyllables. In KS we are making an
attempt to rationalize (and make teachable) the distribution of <i> and

Nicholas and I tried many times to have this distribution dealt with

during the AHG meetings when we were asked our advice. Our concerns

were not addressed. Not even acknowledged.


Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com”


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