[Spellyans] redistribution of <i> and <y>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jul 23 14:02:19 IST 2008

At 09:40 +0200 2008-07-23, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
><i> in the second syllable could be interpreted as meaning /i/ in 
>both Late as well as Middle Cornish pronunciations, while the <y> 
>spellings would indicate that the pronunciation is /i/ in Middle 
>Cornish and /e/ in Late Cornish based varieties.

I don't see how. Neil Kennedy has:

kitchen(n): kegen/kegin (f) (NB,Lh,WJ,PN) (an gegen) pl kegidnow

To me this looks like <kegyn> pl <kegynnow>~<kegydnow>
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