[Spellyans] reDistribution of <i> and <y>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jul 23 21:46:23 IST 2008

At 22:37 +0200 2008-07-23, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>{Š} "I think Dan is really mixing up things 
>here, because on the one hand he is talking 
>about stressed monosyllables and on the other 
>unstressed final syllables. These are not the 
>same things." {Š}
>{Š} "Where Dan has seemed to me to mix things up 
>is in his other examples." {Š}
>Excuse me, Michael, I know the difference 
>between stressed and unstressed syllables - 
>thank you very much.

I know you do. But you were discussing these 
things as though they were related to each other, 
and I don't believe that this makes sense.

>I'm not mixing anything up! I was posing a 
>completely legitimate question. I resent your 
>"interpretation". Your post will be answered at 
>a later date, but I did want to get this off my 
>chest first! 

I (legitimately) thought that you were mixing 
things up because you were treating the two 
different things together when they are not 
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