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Yes, I have no problem with these <au>. However, we might still be discussing the <i> and <y>.

I prefer Austria to Awstria, and Australia to Awstralia.
Ostria is OK too but not Ostralia. Not sure why though.


Andrew J. Trim

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Looking at Nicholas's UCR Dictionary, we've got a few native Cornish words:
caugh, caughla, caughwas, faunsya, gaul, gaulak

and numerous loans such as:
auctour, auctoryta, an Bys Auncyent, traumatek, raunson, audio, audyt, autystek, hydraulek

and some foreign toponyms such as:
Austria, Australia, Enesow Fauklond, Mauritania, Mauricius

I see no need to change the spelling of any of these; they're fine just as they are.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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