[Spellyans] redistribution of <i> and <y>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu Jul 24 11:00:04 IST 2008

At 10:39 +0100 2008-07-24, nicholas williams wrote:

>If I understand him, Lhuyd seems to be saying that the historic -ys 
>is either [Ez], [Iz] or [aZ]
>and it does not seem possible to see why one is used rather than one 
>of the others.
>Since the -ek ending in Late Cornish is either -ak or -ok, it would 
>seem that reduced -ek can
>acquire u-colouring. 

We find the same thing in English dialect. "Wicket" in New Zealand is 
pronounced as though it were what we would write "weckut".

>There are problems with you suggested spellings. The form <nowothow> 
>is attested seven times. The plural
>of bedneth, baneth is <bannothow> and of molleth <mollothow>. Are 
>you therefore
>suggesting that we write *<nowoth>, *<bednoth> and *<mollothow>?

Here would fall *tavos/tavosow. But for this word I don't see a 
strong case for the retention of -es (etymologically expected or 
not). Perhaps the final -th "protects" the -e- in noweth, bedneth, 
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