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Craig, and friends.  I was in the Bord na Gaidhlig office this afternoon and
I noticed that a complimentary copy of Porth: CD and booklets had been
recieved.  I have had a bit of a look through it already.  Yet to play the

Has anyone else seen this production.  If so what do youi think of it?  This
is using and promoting the SWF.  I seems attractive from the graphics and
book production point-of-view.  I would like Michael's view on the
typrsetting, fonts etc.

'Porth' seems to be based on somewhere like Mousehole / Porth Enys.   What
do folk think about that as an introductory device to the language?

I would be very  interested in informed critique of this production.

This is has now replaced the series of articles by Rod Lyon as the Kernewek 
feature in Cornish World.  I shall miss these - and would very much wish 
that Rod could do a series of  recordings of them.  My problem as a distabne 
learner (seized up if not in abeyance) is confidence in the pronunciation of 
the language.  (Spellyans so far does not allay this.)

-an Ken ken

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> Oh, now this IS interesting, Pat.  Neither Nicholas nor I appear in the
> Bardic roll.  Yes, we both resigned our bardship, and the list could say
> so.  However, what the Gorsedd appears to be doing is to write our
> bardship out of history.  The facts remain that I was installed as a
> Bard in 1981 for services to archaeology, and Nicholas rather earlier
> than that for services to the language.  Those facts cannot be discarded
> simply by omission.
> However, if you then look at the list of Bardic Names, Delynyer
> Hendhyscans is there, followed by the words "resigned" and Weatherhill.
> Someone at the Gorsedd is being disingenuous, I feel.
> Craig
> Golvan, too is there, correctly identified (by surname only) as Williams
> - but no mention of resignation.
> Pat wrote:
>> http://www.gorsethkernow.org.uk/english/archives/newbards/bardic_roll.pdf
>> http://www.gorsethkernow.org.uk/english/archives/newbards/bardic_names.pdf
>> This is the link to this years which were announced last week.
>> http://www.gorsethkernow.org.uk/english/archives/newbards/bard2008.htm
>> >My apologies for going off topic Michael, but we have recently put 2
>> >new lists of Bards on the Gorseth website which can be searched by
>> >surname or Bardic names.
>> Give the URLs?
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