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Michael Everson quoted and wrote:


>Consider it. This isn't a totally bad idea. (And 
>it does serve one thing on KS's to-do list -- 
>mildly, and systematically, increasing the 
>occurrence of <i> with respect to <y> to satisfy 
>RLC users' aesthetic sense.)

I think that our using <i> regularly in initial 
position will go a long way to helping that. But 
the system has to be coherent. Marking the 
bÿs/bës distinction is one thing; it solves the 
clash with bys/res. The proposal doesn't solve 
that; it just leads to bìs/bës or bìs/bÿs/bës.


I am still not sold on the idea of making initial <y-> into <i-> for no better reason than to increase the incidence of <i>.

The graph used in initial position should be based on the rules that determine whether <y> or <i> should be written - not just to make up the numbers.

The Owen/Dan proposal is less drastic in its effect on the number of <i>, and it is safer and more coherent.

I am not convinced that yn "in" is really any different from yn adverbial particle. I think they are the same word, so they should be spelt the same way. The adverbial use is some kind of an idiom using "in". This mutates adjectives but not nouns, so yn gwir "in truth" is not mutated but yn ta "well" is.



Andrew J. Trim
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