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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jul 25 10:51:06 IST 2008

At 10:31 +0100 2008-07-25, Eddie Climo wrote:

>It would be absurd to attempt this with the latter.
>Therefore, it would be absurd to attemp it with the former.

Sorry, Eddie, the logic is faulty. The nouns you cite are not 
high-frequently function words which cause or do not cause mutation.

>KS must have 'yn' for both forms of the former, and (?) 'co^k' for 
>all forms of the latter.

I believe that KS will spell the preposition which does not cause 
mutation as "in". This is a very common spelling for this preposition 
in the traditional texts -- nothing inauthentic about it, though it 
may be unfamiliar to users of Nancian Cornish because he didn't use 
the letter "i" at all (an inauthentic choice of Nance's). This also 
has the advantage of increasing the use of "i" which can please some 
RLC users. (Folks, I do NOT believe that "we hate the letter y" is a 
mantra amongst RLC users. Too much can be made of this.) And KS will 
spell the adverbial particle which does cause mutation as "yn".
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