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On 25 Jul 2008, at 10:51, Michael Everson wrote:

> At 10:31 +0100 2008-07-25, Eddie Climo wrote:
>> It would be absurd to attempt this with the latter.
>> Therefore, it would be absurd to attemp it with the former.
> Sorry, Eddie, the logic is faulty. The nouns you cite are not
> high-frequently function words which cause or do not cause mutation.

No, Michael, the example I chose may not have been the best one, but  
the logic is fine. As you wish to quibble over the frequency and role  
of 'co_k' vs. 'yn', try this on for size. Here are a set of high  
frequency function words causing various mutation states, and they're  
from page 1 of Nance 1938:

<-a> suffixed pron. I, me
<a 2> prep. of, from
<a 2> interj. O, oh, ah
<a- 2> rel. and interr. verbal particle
<a 4> conj. if
<a_> see 'mos'
<a'> definite article, e.g. a'n. from the

>> KS must have 'yn' for both forms of the former, and (?) 'co^k' for
>> all forms of the latter.
> I believe that KS will spell the preposition which does not cause
> mutation as "in". This is a very common spelling for this preposition
> in the traditional texts -- nothing inauthentic about it, though it
> may be unfamiliar to users of Nancian Cornish because he didn't use
> the letter "i" at all (an inauthentic choice of Nance's). This also
> has the advantage of increasing the use of "i" which can please some
> RLC users. (Folks, I do NOT believe that "we hate the letter y" is a
> mantra amongst RLC users. Too much can be made of this.) And KS will
> spell the adverbial particle which does cause mutation as "yn".

I disagree; and it's not your sole decision. We're trying to work to  
consensus here.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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