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"Would 'My a wor donsya' not be better than "My a yll donsya"? And would not
'Bryntin yw an lester ma' be better Cornish than "An lester ma yw bryntin"?
And is <bryntin> really SWF?

See http://www.magakernow.org.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=38446&p=0 



Thanks, Jon, I agree. I would have written.


Yth esov v yow tonsya!

Yth esov v yow neyja!

Brentin yw an lester ma!


Since neither <brentin> nor <bryntin> is in the specification we don't know
what the SWF is. The texts have both <brentyn> and <bryntyn>. 


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