[Spellyans] reDistribution of <i> and <y>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jul 25 11:36:37 IST 2008

At 09:57 +0100 2008-07-25, Eddie Climo wrote:

>Moreover, the people who don't like diacritics 
>probably aren't going to use them at all. Let's 
>say we advocate <bÿs>~<bës> with diaeresis. The 
>'diacritophobes' will write <bys> ~ <bes>, which 
>is hardly more difficult to read than, say, E. 
><gaol> ~ <jail>. We might not favour it, but 
>it's not a repellent choice (unlike some that 
>we've seen!)

In the SWF they write <bys>~<bes>. We choose to 
mark these so that they can be distinguished from 
<bys>- and <res>-class words. By marking this 
class, we avoid changing the wordshapes of this 
class, and we avoid changing the wordshapes of 
the <bys>-'until'-class. This, and only this, 
treads lightly enough on the SWF for us to say to 
diacritophobes that it's not that much of a 

>And in informal contexts like email and texting 
>(as I've said before), those who cannot key 
>diacritics, for technical reasons or from lack 
>of knowledge, will write something like <by:s> ~ 
><be:s>. This would not, of course, be acceptable 
>in published material, but it's perfectly OK in 
>its place.

This is a fallback representation. A text written 
this way can be converted to Kernowek Standard 

>>(1) Didactic and elementary material.
>>(2) Printed material for more advanced users.
>>(3) Informal material: texting, IRC, personal emails and letters.

Eddie? All of those were nicely written, but KS 
orthography is in this regard no different from 
Irish or Scottish Gaelic orthography. We know 
that some people can't figure out how to type the 
accents in those languages, and they leave them 
off, or they use a fallback. But the rules of the 
orthography are: "These are the vowels. Some have 

Thank you everyone for the discussion. I can't 
see ***any*** argument that's going to convince 
me that <mis>|<bys>|<bÿs>~<bës>|<res> isn't the 
best solution on offer.
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