[Spellyans] <y>, <i>, etc

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jul 25 11:32:45 IST 2008

At 11:23 +0100 2008-07-25, Eddie Climo wrote:

>>I believe that KS will spell the preposition which does not cause
>>mutation as "in". This is a very common spelling for this preposition
>>in the traditional texts -- nothing inauthentic about it, though it
>>may be unfamiliar to users of Nancian Cornish because he didn't use
>>the letter "i" at all (an inauthentic choice of Nance's). This also
>>has the advantage of increasing the use of "i" which can please some
>>RLC users. (Folks, I do NOT believe that "we hate the letter y" is a
>>mantra amongst RLC users. Too much can be made of this.) And KS will
>>spell the adverbial particle which does cause mutation as "yn".
>I disagree; and it's not your sole decision. We're trying to work to 
>consensus here.

Why do you disagree? I've presented an argument for using <i> in 
initial position, and for distinguishing <in> and <yn>. You've only 
said you disagree.
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