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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Jul 25 11:58:36 IST 2008

At 12:34 +0200 2008-07-25, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>Yth esov v yow tonsya!
>Yth esov v yow neyja!

KS: Yth esof vy ow tauncya!
KS: Yth esof vy ow neyja!

>Brentin yw an lester ma!

KS: Bryntyn ye an lester-ma!

>Since neither <brentin> nor <bryntin> is in the 
>specification we don't know what the SWF is.

Because it's not an orthographic specification, 
but because it contains much simply taken over 
uncritically from KK there is no predicting how 
to spell many words, unless they are handed down 
from authority?


>  The texts have both <brentyn> and <bryntyn>.

RN: bryntyn
KG: bryntin
NK: brentyn
NW: brentyn
RG: brentin

OM: bryntyn x3
PC: bryntyn x1
BK: bryntyn x1
BM: brentyn x2
CW: brentyn x1


I would spell this word <brentyn>. I suppose a 
case could be made for <brÿntyn>~<brëntyn>.
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