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One would have thought that for such a simple children's book, they could
have stuck to the vocabulary given in the SWF spec. 'Bryntin' is of
course KK spelling. What would have been wrong with 'splann'? According
to the MAGA website, these books were commisioned by the CLP and Pol
Hodge collaborated with Will Coleman on the texts. From the sample that
I've seen, I must say that I have little confidence in the CLP to support
the teaching of Cornish in schools.Jon

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“Would 'My a wor donsya' not be better than "My a yll donsya"? And would
not 'Bryntin yw an lester ma' be better Cornish than "An lester ma yw
bryntin"? And is <bryntin> really SWF?

See http://www.magakernow.org.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=38446&p=0


Thanks, Jon, I agree. I would have written.

Yth esov v yow tonsya!

Yth esov v yow neyja!

Brentin yw an lester ma!

Since neither <brentin> nor <bryntin> is in the specification we don’t
know what the SWF is. The texts have both <brentyn> and <bryntyn>.


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