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Michael Everson wrote:


I disagree. It seems to me that the preposition which does not mutate 
has developed into an adverbial particle which mutates. Minimal pairs 
might not be easy to find, but "in gwydn" might be 'in white' ("she 
was dressed in white") and "yn whydn" might be 'whitely' -- not to 
use the "in gwir"/"yn whir" example, though distinguishing the two 
might help to stamp out the latter error, because in the phrase "in 
gwir" the first element is known to be the preposition which does not 
mutate, not the adverbial particle which does.

And I think distinguishing the two in an orthography is a useful aid 
to learners, regardless of whether the distinction was made in 
spelling the particle in traditional Cornish.


In English, we have "to" and "too". These have differing functions in sentences. The spelling distinction however is only a hindrance to learners. We would have been better off if we had just the one spelling for both.



Andrew J. Trim
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