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In a similar way, part of the historical corpus comprises the toponyms of Cornwall, and the lexemes they attest should not be excluded just on the basis of possible archaism. 
-- 'nans' is widely attested as a noun in Cornish toponyms,
-- it is attested as a noun in adverbial phrases within the historical texts,
-- it is attested as a freely usable noun in the Revived corpus.
-- it has cognates in both modern Breton (?) and Welsh which are used freely (I presume) in both literary and colloquial contexts.
-- therefore, 'nans' is an acceptable word in RC.

In Breton, we have 'nant' in the toponyms only. Though, we have the word 'ant' < 'an ant' < 'an nant' (as we can hear 'or' < 'an or' < 'an nor' < 'an' + 'dor' (the door); 'aer' < 'an aer' < 'an naer' (the snake)). The word 'ant' in B, beside, is used only for '(trough or hollow of the) furrow.

If we can create new words in Cornish for new technology, then we can equally well resuscitate archaice words, and either restore their old meanings or add new ones to them. If we lack a word, we can borrow it from another language, especially a closely related Brythonic or Goidelic one. These are all, of course,  part of the normal process of neologism in every language I've ever studied, and there's no reason Cornish should be the exception.

Some do the same in B : neologisms from archaice words or borrowings from Celtic languages, alas a lot of them don't speak very good Breton (syntax, pronunciation). Others are reluctanct to use these neologisms since they can't be understand by the native Breton speakers as there's a lot of borrowings from French, but their Breton is often very good (syntax, pronunciation).
I think that we should have the two sorts of words : neologisms and borrowings. It's the use of them and their choice by the people who would speak the language as a living language that matter. Those people, of course, ought to learn the language the better they could (syntax, pronunciation).

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