[Spellyans] Ag, aig

menystror menystror at kernowek.net
Sun Jul 27 08:18:14 IST 2008

At 08:01 +0100 2008-07-27, Ken MacKinnon wrote:
>Yes would very much wish to comment -

Of course you are welcome to comment.

>but without reference to foregoing correspondence do not really seem how I cam

You can by citing the relevant portions of Eddie's text, similar to 
the way I am citing yours here. It was not suggested that you (or 
others) not quote previous correspondance. It was suggested that you 
(and others) not simply quote the entirety of a thread by only 
hitting Reply and not editing out elements to which you were not 

When you (and others) wish to make a small quip or a single-line 
comment, it is certainly *never* necessary for you to include 150 
lines of the foregoing correspondence.
Gromercy dhis,
An Menystror

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