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Nicholas, in the example that you give from Jordan, VALY compounds with
EBRON to form a toponym. Are you aware of any other attestations in which
VALY is not compounded in this way?Jon

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  Of course nans is part of the Cornish vocabulary, butthere is no
  evidence that the word was used in Middle or LateCornish when talking
  about a valley (outside the place-nameitself). If nans had been the
  ordinary word,Jordan would have written *nans Ebron not valy Ebron.I
  assume that the English borrowing valy had replaced nans in that
  context,exactly as cothman, fas, rom, swan, profet had by the 16th
  century replacedcar, enep, stevel, alargh and profus. Tota Cornicitas
  means that we can use the attested valy in preferenceto the
  unattested unbound morpheme nans.


Dr. Jon Mills,
School of European Culture and Languages,
University of Kent

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