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Of course it is a calque. The English vale of Hebron is itself calqued  
on valle Hebron which St Jerome based on עֵמֶק חֶבְרוֹן  
('emeq hevron) in the Hebrew.

  But the fact that the scribe of CW  writes valy ebron not *nans  
ebron, means that the word valy was already in his Cornish, just as  
vale was in English and vallis (ablative valle) was in Latin.


On 28 Jul 2008, at 10:35, Jon Mills wrote:

> I wonder if Jordan's (1611) "valy Ebron" is not simply a calque. The  
> Vulgate (Genesis 37:14) writes "valle Hebron". The King James  
> version (published 1611) writes "vale of Hebron". Tyndale (1537)  
> wrote "the vale of Hebron". Wycliffe (1384) wrote "the valey of  
> Ebron".
> Jon
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>  Of course nans is part of the Cornish vocabulary, butthere is no
>  evidence that the word was used in Middle or LateCornish when talking
>  about a valley (outside the place-nameitself). If nans had been the
>  ordinary word,Jordan would have written *nans Ebron not valy Ebron.I
>  assume that the English borrowing valy had replaced nans in that
>  context,exactly as cothman, fas, rom, swan, profet had by the 16th
>  century replacedcar, enep, stevel, alargh and profus. Tota Cornicitas
>  means that we can use the attested valy in preferenceto the
>  unattested unbound morpheme nans.
>  Nicholas
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