[Spellyans] 'Valley' in Cornish

Jon Mills j.mills at email.com
Mon Jul 28 11:38:08 IST 2008

In PA we find"In erna zen menyzyow
why a ergh warnough coze
yn ketella an nanssow
wy a bys ragas cuthe".Jon

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  Apart from the toponym Valy Ebron there are, as far as I am aware, no
  examples in the texts of valy 'valley'. There are no examples of nans
  'valley' in the texts either.Since the author of CW wrote Valy Ebron
  for the new toponym Valy of Hebron, it seems to me (without further
  evidence) that his ordinary word for 'valley' was valy.....
  Dr. Jon Mills,
  School of European Culture and Languages,
  University of Kent

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