[Spellyans] 'Valley' in Cornish

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Other words obsolete by Lhuyd's time in that list include:

hail (i.e. hel) liberal - largy, larg in MC
lau (i.e. leuv) hand - dorn in MC
ly (i.e. lu) army - ost Ordinalia and BM; army TH
maur (i.e. meur) 'great' - brâs in MC. meur (mur, muer means 'much'  
mil 'animal' - replaced by best in MC
stevel 'chamber' - replaced by chambour OM, chamber BK (or rom).


On 28 Jul 2008, at 12:46, Jon Mills wrote:

> Lhuyd (AB: 4c)  includes "†Nans, A Valley" amongst a list of words  
> in the Vocabularium Cornicum "which are now disus'd by the Cornish,  
> but still understood by the Welsh."
> Jon
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