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I missed nanssow in PA. Mea culpa. I am grateful to Jon for drawing my  
attention to it.

In AB on page 4 Lhuyd lists nans as a word obsolete in Cornish. He  
puts an obelus before it to show that it is attested in OCV.
Nans was therefore no longer in use in Lhuyd's time.
In the phrase valy ebron in CW nans has been replaced by valy.
CW dates from 1611 but the original with its references to limbo was  
probably composed
before the reformation. It is likely therefore, though by no means  
certain, that valy had replaced
nans by the first half of the sixteenth century.

We do know that
1. nans occurred in Old Cornish and in the earliest Middle Cornish and  
is preserved in place-names
2. was obsolete when Lhuyd was collecting material at the end of the  
seventeenth century
3. was probably obsolete when CW was composed.

I shall continue to prefer valy for 'valley'.  Note that in his  
gerlevran Neil describes nans as archaic
and gives vali as a 'biblical or major' valley.


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